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Located in Southampton, at Marine Technology Projects you won’t only find what you need, you’ll get the best quality at a fair price. From design to production, we're always working to make our products, service and overall client experience even better. 

With a master degree in Naval Architecture and years of experience in the marine industry our products have been designed to the highest level. 

We have a range of different manufacturing machines set up to produce high quality designed products such as CNC machines, filament 3D printers as well as resin printers.


Our journey into designing and manufacturing world started in 2022 when we discovered a gap in the market for 3D printing parts for a Cape 31 of which we sailed on. A new passion was quickly born and more machines have been purchased to keep up with the orders and to offer more services. 

After some careful testing and design improvements we have created a range of products which we mass produce and sell on our online shop ready to be purchased. 


CNC Manufacturing


Resin and Filament Printing


Fibreglass Parts


Our Team

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