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Fibreglass Products  

We offer a custom fibreglass services based in Southampton, we can turn your ideas to a design to create a physical product within a short period of time. We mainly specialise in producing sailing dock boxes with a range of customisable features. We are constantly designing and developing new ideas and moulds. Keep an eye out on our online shop to purchase a pre designed item.


Dock Box

Built to order with custom colours available. Perfect for storing your extra kit next to your boat. Designed to fit a standard size collapsible brush.

Box Includes:

  • Handles

  • Lockable Hasp

  • Stainless Steel Brush Holder

  • Gas struts to keep the lid open

  • Wheels at an extra cost


Length -​ 1.65m

Width - 0.5m

Height - 0.6m

Purchase a dock box today on our online shop


At marine technology projects we offer a completely customisable service where you will work with one of our designer to take your ideal to a product. We will use the design to create a personalised mould which will be used to produce you item. 

As this service is completely unique to your design the lead time and cost will vary depending on the item.

Contact us to today to discuss producing a unique product.

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